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Tow vans play an crucial position in the daily function of society. They’re a luxury maximum people fail to Comprehend till we’re stranded on the side of the road and not using a different options – handiest then will We virtually apprehend how helpless drivers could be without a tow truck to bail them out of a sticky situation.

Considering how much we rely on tow vehicles these days, many drivers Might discover it bizarre to analyze there has been a time when tow trucks didn’t exist. In truth, the first tow truck wasn’t invented until 50 years after the first Automobile turned into invented – that’s 50 years of Automobile crashes and car breakdowns and not using a access to a tow truck.

For context, the first car was invented in 1866 and the Primary tow truck wasn’t invented Till 1916 – whilst Ernest Holmes were given pissed off after Attempting to tug a Vehicle out of a creek with nothing but rope, blocks, and manpower. In an attempt to find a Greater realistic and effective answer, Holmes invented the tow truck.

Tow truck near me Abu Dhabi
Tow truck near me

Different types Of Tow Trucks Used Today

The tow truck has now been round for more than 100 years and, similar to the entirety else on this international route, has been concerned with a number of Advancements, enhancements, and enhancements considering Ernest Holmes created the blueprint in 1916. Today, there are Numerous one of a type of tow trucks to be had for use.

Six of the most not unusual and relevant tow cars applied these days include the flatbed tow vans, wheel carry tow trucks, hook-and-chain tow vans, integrated tow trucks, increase tow vans, and rotator tow vans. While all of them serve a similar reason, they’re every particular of their Personal manner and are Used therefore.

Since now not all tow vehicles are Created identical, let’s take a closer look at all the maximum famous types of tow trucks in movement nowadays:

1. Flatbed Tow Truck

Also referred To as a rollback towing van, a flatbed truck lets in the car to take a seat on top of the mattress of the truck. Flat towing is one of the safest and most desired ways of towing a truck due to the fact the Automobile is absolutely off the ground – it’s out of harm’s Manner and is Not likely to get Damaged throughout transport.

2. Hook and Chain Towing Truck

Hook-and-chain trucks are what maximum People picture in their minds when they hear the time period of a ‘tow truck.’ For those that have seen the movie Cars, the man or woman Mater is a hook-and-chain towing truck. A hook-and-chain truck feature a hook that attaches to the front or back of the car, lifting one aspect of the car up throughout Transport.

3. Wheel Lift Tow Truck

Wheel carry vans are a bit of an updated version of the hook-and-chain tow van – in preference to a hook and chain, the tow truck features a metal yoke to Secure the car. Wheel lifestyles kinds of tow vehicles aren’t going to expose the Vehicle to as lots harm as a hook-and-chain tow van, that’s one tremendous.

4. Boom Tow Truck

A growth truck, also Known as the boom wrecker, comes in on hand when a car is not able to be rescued the traditional way – like a car that’s submerged in water. Boom vehicles function a belt or sling that hangs off a increase, which extends out from the back of the truck and lifts the Automobile up and out.

5. Integrated Tow Truck

Integrated tow vans are one of the most famous and effective heavy-obligation tow vans – which are reserved for Huge, heavy-duty motors. The tow van features a wheel carry and a increase integrated into a unmarried unit and operators can control the whole lot from the cab, letting them circulate speedy.

6. Rotator Tow van

The rotator tow truck is one of the other most Famous varieties of heavy responsibility tow vehicles – the holy grail of heavy-responsibility tow vans. They feature a huge Crane that extends out from the back of the truck and may rotate 360-levels for versatility and accessibility – some of those vans can lift as Much as 70 heaps.

Most common uses of tow trucks

Most Common Uses of Tow Trucks

In the US, there are Extra than 280 million cars on the road at Any given moment. While a Majority of these vehicles gets to their vacation spot correctly and with out incident, others received’t be as Lucky and will run into problems alongsides the manner. For the ones drivers, a tow van is your First-rate pal.

Here are some of the most common reasons why humans name tow truck companies these days:

Current estimates recommend there are nearly 50,000 tow truck Organizations within the United States these days and they receive thousands and thousands of calls from drivers in need of assist each unmarried 12 months – some calls more critical than others, of path. Either Manner, tow vans Are viewed as a lifeline for the ones seeking out Roadside assistance.

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