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Trailer Towing  isn’t something that most Human beings do regularly, but there can be a Point wherein it’s Miles vital to. The statistics around who can tow a trailer, where they are able to power and Extra can get a chunk foggy so we’re here to clean everything up. Here at Eco-Trailer, we’re professionals in trailers so rest assured you’re in appropriate hands. 

Can you tow a trailer on a car licence?

So can you tow a trailer with a everyday car licence? Yes and no. It all relies upon the weight you are trying to tow. Anyone who had their drivers licence issued from the 1st of January 1997 can pressure a car or van up to 3.Five heaps With a most approved Mass (additionally known as MAM) towing a trailer of up to 750kg MAM. You can also Tow a trailer over 750kg as Long as the blended MAM of the trailer and trailer towing isn’t Any more than three.5 tons. 

Trailer Towing Services in Abu Dhabi

For drivers licences issued before the 1st of January 1997, you can drive a Vehicle and trailer towing with a MAN of up to 8.25 lots. You Can also drive a minibus with a Connected trailer over 750kg MAM. 

What is the maximum authorised mass

To position it Actually the maximum approved mass is the restrict on how much a car can weigh while it’s Far loaded. To tow Whatever above the limit you have to skip the car and trailer driving test. 

What If I want to tow more ?

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If you want to tow Anything greater you’ll have to complete your C1+E using test and concept. You’ll need to apply for a provisional licence and complete both the theory and realistic test just like if you have been doing all of your riding tests again. After this, you could power vehicles and trailers with a mixed weight of as Much as 12 Tons MAM. 

Where can I drive with a trailer?

If you may force a Vehicle where you want to move you could force it with a trailer too. Just Recall that when you’re driving with a trailer you’ll have to take wider corners to alter for the trailer in the back of you. Also, Recall the maximum trailer width is 2.Fifty five metres and the most trailer period is 7 metres. 

You would Possibly ought to catch up on the width and period of the trailer around corners and roundabouts, some roads like us of a lanes is probably too slender to accommodate your trailer so Consider to devise your adventure in Advance of time to keep away from Any pressure or damage you may purpose on your trailer or Automobile

You can pressure on motorways and twin carriageways just Satisfactory however don’t forget pace limits for cars with trailers and caravans range: 

So if you need car towing, trailer towing, car recovery, Roadside assistance and breakdown recovery, you can call us Husain recovery Abu Dhabi at any time 24/7 a day.

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